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artists portrait

artists portrait | by bertram rusch

passing by | milano

passing by | by bertram rusch she was passing by and I needed to take a photograph of her; she was milano for me
// Nikon F80, Ilford FP4, 15 years old, stored unrefrigerated

tight | milano

tights in milano | by bertram rusch elderly woman at the market – i liked her with all those tights.
// Nikon F80, Ilford PANF, 15 years old, stored unrefrigerated, pushed to iso100

dichotomous | milano

dichotomous | by bertram rusch

The woman and her dog waited for something – and I really liked the composition of them: the curly girl chaining the white dog :)

taken with Nikon F80, Ilford PANF pushed to iso100, 50mm 1,4, cheap scan


dressed | by bertram rusch
The moment when he prepared his clothing was nearly more interesting than the result. The small moment of the “between” caught my attention.
Mamiya RZ67 | Fuji Acros 100


concrete | by bertram rusch
Mamiya RZ67 | Kodak Portra 400


fashionate | by bertram rusch
Mamiya RZ67 | Fuji Acros 100

coffee and cigarette

coffee and cigarette | by bertram ruschThe girl was playing hula hoop while having a cigarette in the morning light of London. She simply broke the atmosphere of all the concrete around her.

Mamiya 645 1000s, 55mm, Fuji RVP100 (digitally desaturated)

london transport 2

london transport 2 | by bertram rusch

A woman in a bus in London, thinking about something, letting the streets passing by. Feeling lonely while being surrounded by millions isn’t that difficult.

Mamiya 645 1000s, 55mm Sekor C, Fuji Acros 100

london transport

london transport | by bertram rusch

These girls had a lot of fun playing with their curly flapping hair in the tube of London. A small glimpse of personality and pleasure in the otherwise anonymous atmosphere of public transport.

Mamiya 645 1000s, 55mm Sekor C, Fuji Acros 100





in the streets

instant | by bertram ruschpris par Mamiya 645 1000s, 55mm Sekor c, Portra 400



reportage | university

reportage | university

something else, somewhere

something else | by bertram rusch

shooting arranged by Lena Reiner, , I was invited to participate and we had a wonderful shooting of Hester together. Tanks a lot!


portrait | student election campaign

portrait | by bertram rusch

gens de nice | experience

gens de nice | experience | by bertram ruschpris par mamiya 645 1000s, 55mm sekor c, portra 400

gens de nice | homme d’affaires 2

gens de nice | homme d'affaires 2 | by bertram ruschpris par mamiya 645 1000s, 55mm sekor c, ilford hp5

gens de nice | ida

gens de nice | ida, street portrait | by bertram ruschpris par mamiya 645 1000s, 55mm sekor c, ilford hp 5


gens de nice | le style | by bertram rusch

taken with Mamiya 645 1000s medium format, 55mm Sekor C, 50MM Fuji RVP 50


les mains de René Galassi, peintre à Nice | by bertram rusch

à la plage

petit fils à Cannes | by bertram rusch


sommeil | by bertram rusch


pris par mamiya 645 1000s, Fuji NEOPAN 100