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kermis in düsseldorf. enjoyable?

kermis in düsseldorf. enjoyable? | by bertram rusch Taken with Mamiya 645, Kodak Portra 400

managing fun

managing fun at Kirmes Düsseldorf 2013 | by bertram rusch Taken with Mamiya 645, 80mm, Ilford HP5+1

station hall in transit

station hall in transit | by bertram rusch Taken with Nikon F80 & Ilford HP5

passing by | milano

passing by | by bertram rusch she was passing by and I needed to take a photograph of her; she was milano for me
// Nikon F80, Ilford FP4, 15 years old, stored unrefrigerated

tight | milano

tights in milano | by bertram rusch elderly woman at the market – i liked her with all those tights.
// Nikon F80, Ilford PANF, 15 years old, stored unrefrigerated, pushed to iso100

dichotomous | milano

dichotomous | by bertram rusch

The woman and her dog waited for something – and I really liked the composition of them: the curly girl chaining the white dog :)

taken with Nikon F80, Ilford PANF pushed to iso100, 50mm 1,4, cheap scan