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swedish shadows

swedish shadows | by bertram rusch

fine forms

fine forms | by bertram rusch

allianz forum berlin

allianz forum berlin | by bertram rusch

silent light

silent light | by bertram rusch


markov | construction worker | photo taken by bertram rusch

ruinous beauty of forms

ruinous beauty of forms

flying staircase

flying staircase | by bertram rusch discovering the architectural beauty of wide angles at university duesseldorf

left for dead | industrial

left for dead | industrial | by bertram rusch These old premises of “Dresdner Herrenmode”, in former times a well known and well established fabric production in East Germany, now closed their doors. I was allowed to have a final look into this universe of once stirring people and machines. What I found was history of around 50 years – now silent. Packed, damaged or dismantled all these interesting things and “witnesses” waited for their end.

art installation from julius von bismarck

art installation from julius von bismarck | by bertram rusch This is a really interesting installation by Julius von Bismarck, seen at Ars Electronica 2012 in Linz/Austria. These lamps move asynchronously, however at one time they are aligned and swing synchronously – the chaos seems to be overcome. But just a moment after it the “chaos” starts again.
Shot digitally on b/w and multi exposure, without any postproduction.

split screen

split screen

equal but expensive

equal but expensive

mirrors of life

mirrors of life | by bertram rusch


liberté | by bertram rusch

musée de matisse

musée de matisse | by bertram rusch


forms | by bertram rusch


Nice | sculpture | by bertram rusch

round about

moleturm friedrichshafen


what a wall | dresden, lahmann sanatorium

concrete portrait

porträt alter wasserturm friedrichshafen

old and concrete

alter wasserturm friedrichshafen

marvellous snake