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swedish shadows

swedish shadows | by bertram rusch

fine forms

fine forms | by bertram rusch

london transport 2

london transport 2 | by bertram rusch

A woman in a bus in London, thinking about something, letting the streets passing by. Feeling lonely while being surrounded by millions isn’t that difficult.

Mamiya 645 1000s, 55mm Sekor C, Fuji Acros 100

london transport

london transport | by bertram rusch

These girls had a lot of fun playing with their curly flapping hair in the tube of London. A small glimpse of personality and pleasure in the otherwise anonymous atmosphere of public transport.

Mamiya 645 1000s, 55mm Sekor C, Fuji Acros 100

split screen

split screen

mirrors of life

mirrors of life | by bertram rusch


danger | by bertram rusch

musée de matisse

musée de matisse | by bertram rusch

Villefranche avant lever du soleil

Villefranche avant lever du soleil | by bertram rusch

lever du bokeh

lever du bokeh | by bertram ruschlever du

not nice in nice

rainy walk nice

round about

moleturm friedrichshafen

shadowing a vespa driver

shadowing a vespa driver