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scratching the surface /1

scratching the surface | by bertram rusch

semester calendar | featuring break dance at university

semester calendar | featuring break dance at university | by bertram rusch

steinway & sons at its best

steinway | by bertram rusch

something else, somewhere

something else | by bertram rusch

shooting arranged by Lena Reiner, , I was invited to participate and we had a wonderful shooting of Hester together. Tanks a lot!


light train | 1

light train | 1 | by bertram ruscha project that came to my mind while going to berlin and that i gonna focus more one day: drawing by trains in the night – capturing fluid landscapes, capturing different light sources, creating something bright within all the darkness and speed outside.

transferring the moment into something that might look like a whole sea of fluid lights, like the sky, like a dream


transformation | by bertram rusch

finally I know how to process photographs for psychologists, haha, just a test here of lake constance

mirrors of life

mirrors of life | by bertram rusch

alternative angel

alternative angel

shadowing a vespa driver

shadowing a vespa driver